Controlled Chaos Film Festival

An annual showcase of work by the students of Western Carolina University’s Film and Television Production program

2020 World Premiere

Controlled Chaos 

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2020 Festival

Official Film Selections 

The Adventures of Captain Atom: Chapter 3

Evanesce Peak


The Last Call

The Passion of the Chad

Welcome To Earth

Word Association 

Film &
Television Production

Western Carolina University

about Us

At the School of Stage and Screen, we start with the story. 

Storytelling is the basic skill that ties all the others together. That is what the most successful filmmakers have in common.

From screenplay through post-production, fiction or non-fiction, we use technology in service of story as students get hands-on experience on our sets and film stages and in our Avid-equipped editing rooms.

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If you’re looking for a university that sparks creativity, facilitates innovation, and cultivates artists who are confident and prepared to succeed in the entertainment industry, you’re in the right place.

Learn more about the Film and Television Production program at Western Carolina University and apply to the School of Stage and Screen today. 

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